Students will learn to play jarana, which provides the harmonic scaffold for son jarocho. This one unit class introduces students to the songs and instrumental techniques of son jarocho, a musical genre from Veracruz, Mexico that mixes indigenous Mexican, African, Spanish, and Arabic sounds


Policies: Please do not miss more than two classes over the course of the semester (more absences will result in a failing grade). In addition to weekly rehearsals with the ensemble, students will be expected to practice on their own. Jaranas are available on reserve in the music department. Students may check them out AFTER 5:00 PM on weekdays or on weekends and practice in one of the two study rooms in the music library. Students are expected to practice at least twice weekly. There will be a public performance during that last class period of the semester.

Monday, January 31, 2011

First chords and sones jarochos...

With these chords we'll be able to play several sones jarochos, remember that this music is mostly about rhythm than harmonies. PRACTICE switching from C to G, G to F, etc... try all the possibilities and get clear tone on each!
Improve speed as much as you can.

El Colás: C-G7
El Buscapiés: C-F-G7-C
El Cascabel is in minor. Do you remember the shape of that chord?. Well, the progression is: Cm-G7